Beloved Daughter
Arise My Daughter




Arise My Daughter

Is it time to take a step of faith? “Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD rises upon you.

(Isaiah 60:1)   My beloved daughter, it is time for you to arise and take your stance in the light of my Son. I, your heavenly Father, am calling you out of darkness. Arise from your affliction for my power within you is greater than your despondency. Healing, restoration, and freedom await but you must have faith. I beckon you to arise to the new things I seek to do within, for, and through you. Cleary, you do not perceive that your prison sentence, inner turmoil and suffering, is over. I, the Lord, have removed the chains that bound you. Your shackles are loose, and your prison doors are open. In your darkness, I heard your weeping and now I offer you my joy. Freedom and new life awaits but you must choose to come out of captivity. My precious one, it is time for you to step forward and partake in the new things I set before you. Stop mulling over old wounds, hurts, and grudges. Abandon victimization, self-pity, and the lies of the enemy. He has stolen from you long enough. I will not tolerate it any longer! You are my child, a daughter of the King. I want you to fight and recapture that which he has stolen. Reclaim your life, family, joy, and peace. Reclaim the freedom to live for me, the One who brings you out of darkness and into the Light. With your head held high, step forward into the higher ground I bequeath unto you. I have wonderful plans to use you in unimaginable ways, if you are willing to abandon your poverty-ridden condition. You are an heir to the King of kings. I seek to robe you with a garment of honor and virtue, to crown you with beauty and joy as you arise from the ashes. Awake! Your liberty bell is ringing. Do you not hear it? My Light is shining upon you. Do you not see it? My power is within you. Do you not sense it? The enemy has no claim on you any longer. My beloved Son paid a great price for your release. You are mine! Grab hold, claim, and embrace your new life and freedom in Christ. My Word says, “So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” (John 8:36) At times it may seem scary, but do not fear for I am with you. You may try to retreat back to your old familiar grounds, but this is unwise. You will have questions and doubt, but remember morning, noon, and night I am with you. Talk to me as we breathe, live, and work together. Let us walk closely together in the new plan, life, and future I have prepared for you. Arise my daughter…step out in faith…abiding, leaning, and trusting in Me daily. Love, Your Heavenly Father “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” (Jeremiah 29:11)
  Barbara Alpert


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Beloved Daughter!







Draw me close to you

Never let me go

I lay it all down again

To hear you say that I'm your friend

Help me find a way to

bring me back to you


You're all I want,

You're all I've ever needed

You're all I want,

Help me know you are near

You are my desire

No one else will do

Cause no one else Can take you place

To feel the warmth of Your embrace

Help me find a way to bring me back to you


You're all I want,

You're all I've ever needed

You're all I want,

Help me know you are near



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Zet mij als een zegel op Uw hart,
als een zegel op Uw arm;
want de liefde is sterk als de dood;
de ijver is hard als het graf;
haar kolen zijn vurige kolen,
vlammen des HEEREN.
Hooglied 8:6

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